How to choose a good domain name

At the start of any business or new online venture it is one of the first things to come into a conversation. You have a great idea, you have researched your target market and you have a product or service to sell.

“What should our domain name be?”

How it used to be

It used to be that search engine and Google in particular took a lot of notice on the domain name text. So it you bought the domain name you had a good chance of eventually ranking for the key phrase “Cheap Trainers”.  This meant everyone was looking to buy up their main key phrases or keywords domain name equivalent in order to gain an advantage. This process worked for many years until Google moved the bar. See this video from Google regarding this

How it is now

As explained in the video since 2011 less emphasis is placed on keyword filled domains so it makes a more even playing field. It makes sense to match your domain name with your brand that way people searching for your brand will find you but also you can still optimise your domain for key terms. It also means you can usually get a shorter domain name especially with the new domain name extensions that have come out. See here for examples

So to finish up

 Get a domain name which compliments your brand, make it as short as possible but easy memorable. If your company has a quirky side then get a quirky domain name to compliment this. And remember you can now optimise any domain name for any key phrases so long keyword filed domain names are no longer necessary.