Viral video

What makes a good viral video?

We have all seen them videos that appear on social media, from out of nowhere they land on your timeline, start playing and all of a sudden you realise it is either funny/informative/shocking. But what makes a good viral video?

Naturally popular

If a video is hilariously funny then people will share it. Take this example of the kid who was spotted on the screen at a sports match in America. It is really simple the camera points at him he is so excited that he starts doing a dance. Someone picked up on it posted it to social media and now it has had over 69,000,000 views on Vine.

Not only that but the videos themselves can be taken out of their own context. That particular video is not used in relation to other posts like “when you realise it is Friday” and then link the video to simulate doing the dance because it is Friday. These kind of re-posts just add to the videos popularity.

Videos manufactured to go viral

As with anything there are people who play the system and even get paid to do it (unbelievable hey?). Well no where there is money to be made people will try and cut corners. Companies have taken measures to setup thousands of fake accounts which simultaneously share content in order to get it out there. Sometimes videos/vines/tweets get popular because of the work put behind them to do so rather than people naturally liking the content.

Making a viral video

There is no easy way to make a video go viral even if it is the most interesting video you can make. The only way to get it out there is to get influencers sharing it. An influencer is someone on social media who is seen as an expert or very knowledgeable in their field. For example a comedian would have lots of followers who like comedy and if they shared your video their followers would see it. It is not easy done but you have to get them to like it enough to share it but if it pays off you could get a lot of people re-sharing and then eventually it “could” become viral.